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Twenty Fifteen
the time has come to get lean. You cannot afford to wait another day!
Last year turned in to this year and you still haven't lost the weight ? Or you lost the weight and have gained it all back ? Are you still taking the statin blockers and the blood pressure medication?
Do you still have Type II Diabetes? Do you still have Metabolic Syndrome? Do you still have a Fatty Liver? Are triglycerides still over 100? Are glucose levels high. Are you tired and depressed? 
These are all symptoms of Obesity! Your health is on the line here and now. If you don't do something about it soon you are going to pay the price. It's not going to be "Affordable Health Care"!
It's going to be a life threatening , life changing event that has nothing to do with "Affordable Health Care". I have over the years as a personal trainer witnessed this event.
I have been to the hospitals to visit the many people I have known, who simply would not listen to their own bodies call for help. 
I will tell you this quadruple bypass surgery is not something you want to experience! Nor will it make the obesity problem go away.
The same is true for gastric bypass surgery, it is not a solution to the obesity problem, only a temporary fix at best.
Spartan Training has been the weight loss solution in the Chandler AZ area since 2007. We have a proven track record that supports your weight loss success.
Join us in "Twenty Fifteen" Vicki and I will promise to do everything possible to make your weight loss an enjoyable experience.  Give yourself the greatest gift of all.
Health is the gift that brings happiness and a quality of life beyond anything you can imagine. Click here: "Spartan Free Offer"
         Are you one of the 75% who lost weight but gained it back in 3 years or less..

Do you know why you keep gaining the weight back? Over and over?

Spartan Training® does and we can help you today. Call for a no pressure free fitness assessment and find out what Spartan can do to help you.


Spartan Training® is a registered TradeMark

Let Spartan Training be the real weight loss solution, yes we can help you build the body of your dreams.

Spartan Training is the permanent solution to your weight problem. Join us in 2015 for our 30 days to metabolic weight loss Revolution! 
 Begin your weight loss journey with the Spartan Training 7 point body tracker system and pin-point your weight loss facts for reaching your goals in 30 days. 

 The Spartan Metabolic Weight Loss Training System is a revolutionary metabolic way to lose weight and get lean for 2015. 

 Spartan Training, is first and foremost in metabolic weight loss training and reversing the symptoms of metabolic syndrome.

 You will learn how to increase your metabolism. The reason for being overweight; it is a metabolic issue in which the liver is fatty and unhealthy, which in turn affects the thyroid resulting in a lowering of the metabolism.

 Spartan Metabolic Weight Loss Training is designed to increase your metabolism and support a healthy liver. You can do a thousand different exercises from Crossfit to Youfit to BeFit to PlanetFit, but if you are not using your muscles correctly, you are not being effective in your training.

 At  Spartan Training we are not going to entertain you with how many different exercises we know how to do. We are going to teach you how to use your muscles effectively and efficiently so that you are not wasting your time and money on training that’s just not getting the job done.

 Increasing lean muscle increases your metabolism, thereby helping you to reach your weight loss goals.

 With our 30 days to metabolic weight loss system, you get a 7 point body tracker fitness assessment where we pin point your body-fat and project how much body-fat you are going to lose in 30 days, how much lean muscle you are going to increase in 30 days, how many inches you are going lose on your waistline in 30 days.

 With the Spartan Metabolic Nutrition Plan we develop a plan that works for you and at the same time increases metabolism. And with that plan we give you in writing exactly what you are going eat and when you are going to eat and how much you are going to eat for the next 30 days.  

  With the Spartan Metabolic Cardio Plan we include how much cardio as in how many minutes and how many days as well as what kind of cardio, as in where the heart rate must be and lastly when the cardio should be performed for the next 30 days.    

 The Spartan Metabolic Weight Loss Training System is the most complete metabolic training system ever designed for weight loss and optimal health.

 You will be trained for 2 or 3 one hour sessions per week based on the results of your fitness assessment. You will learn key factors in training your muscles correctly, how to use dynamic tension, how to hit the stretch positions, how to isolate the muscles and how to fully activate muscle fiber, how to make neurological connection to your muscles, all the things necessary to be effective in your training. These things are just simply not being taught by your everyday personal trainer.

 At Spartan Training we are the metabolic fitness experts with 20,000 hours of hands on metabolic personal training experience, and with a lifetime of exercising and metabolic experience.  

 Our 2015 get lean in 30 days package is being offered today! Start your weight loss resolution for 2015 
$500 for 12 sessions is a small price to pay for health care.
The best prescription for health are Exercise and Nutrition!
Are you taking care of your health today?

Call today to get started 480-802-2222


Spartan Training®

The Busiest Personal Training Studio In Chandler AZ. 
Because Spartan gets the results you hope for, dream of and want to see...

  Spartan Training® is a The Spartan Studio is located on the S/E Corner of Alma School Rd. and Chandler Heights Rd., at The Summit in Chandler Arizona. Our Expertise in Weight Loss Results, are Unequaled. We are the best and our name says it, Spartan and the results you get is what proves it.Spartan Training® is 100% committed to getting our clients the results they want. The TradeMark name "Spartan Training® "is our guarantee to you, that you will get the results you want. 


The Spartan Training®
The best Metabolic Weight Loss results in America! 
Featuring; BodySolid Equipment
Free weights and machines, with cardio equipment for a complete workout Also presenting the VertiMax state of the art used by all the Pro's NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, NBL, UFC, etc. TRX Jump Shoes, Weight Sleds, Parachute Power Pulls, Ropes, Tires, Hammers and ect for the functional fanatics. No funky gym smell, the Spartan Studio is always fresh and clean with Phthalate Free Air Fresheners and the Toxin Free PH Balanced, AquaLiv Water SystemAt The Spartan Training® Studio, Vicki and I are 100% dedicated to getting our clients the results they want. We are the Fitness Experts in weight loss and fitness You will be signed up and Trained by the Owners of Spartan Training. There are, no ten dollar an hour trainers working for us. As the Owners of Spartan Training®, Vicki and I, train all our clients. That's Personal Training with Integrity. We are the Chandler AZ, Personal Trainers that Inspire, and Motivate beyond anything you might have imagined. Fitness Expert, Personal Trainers with well over 20,000 hours of Personal Training Experience. Personal Training is our Passion and you can feel the energy of it, the moment you walk into our Studio.


The Spartan Personal Trainer's are 100% dedicated to helping you Lose Weight and get in Shape.  "Personal Training with Integrity"    Are you dissatisfied with your current Personal Training or Personal Trainer?  Are you disappointed with the lack of results you were told you would be getting with your current Personal Trainer? Have you been signed up by the Head Trainer or Owner of the Gym and then passed off to a ten dollar an hour trainer?  Are you tired of getting passed around from trainer to trainer?  Does your current Personal Trainer frequently show up late for your scheduled training session? Has your credit card been charged for future Personal Training sessions that you did not agree to?  Have you been shorted on training sessions you already paid for, because of poor book keeping errors? If you answered yes to any of the above. Bring your current contract to Spartan Training® and we will honor your contract up to one month of sessions, with one month of unlimited training. Spartan Training® is 100% dedicated to getting our clients the results they want, in weight loss and fitness. You will be signed up and Trained by the Owners of Spartan Training®. There are no ten dollar an hour trainers working for us. As the Owners of Spartan Training®, Vicki and I, train all our clients.   "That's Personal Training with Integrity".

Our Passion is to help our Clients get Healthy!  The Spartan commitment to our Clients is 100% guaranteed results in weight loss.  Helping our clients lose weight and get in shape, quickly and safely reaching goals. The Spartan Training® System (STS) As a Qualified Fitness Expert and Certified Personal Trainer with well over 20,000 hours of Personal Training experience; The Spartan Training® System is one of the most effective and efficient Personal Training Systems, I have ever developed, to help clients reach their Weight loss and Fitness goals. With the Spartan Training® System, you will immediately begin to lose body fat and unwanted pounds, gain Muscle tone, and improve overall Health and appearance. As a Spartan Client you will be completely revitalized with this unique approach, of transforming both body and mind. With the Spartan Training® System you will achieve real, long lasting results, and create a permanent condition where weight gain is no longer an issue. To integrate Health and Fitness into your Lifestyle, you must do more than exercise your body. You must Exercise the Mind as well. The Spartan Training® System will teach you how to integrate Health and Fitness into your Lifestyle, through changing your perceptions and attitude toward Exercise, Fitness, Nutrition and Health. I will not only show you the correct Physical Exercise and Conditioning Techniques. I will teach you the techniques that will help you re-program the sub-consciousness mind with positive thoughts. I will inspire you to Exercise determination and maintain Motivation. Breaking bad habits is one of the most challenging things that one can face. Together, we will replace bad habits with good ones. You will develop and integrate healthy habits that uplift your spirit and bring you happiness through fitness, healthy living, and energized mental clarity. Together we will set goals and reach them. I don't just show you how to do an exercise; I educate you in the areas of strength training, cardiovascular endurance. I and teach you how to use your muscles correctly. How to hit the stretch positions, how to use dynamic tension and isolate the muscles. You can do a thousand different exercises but if you are not using your muscles correctly, then you are not being effective in your training. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Vicki and I will help you: Assess your physical condition and track changes with the Spartan 7 point body tracker. Set short and long term goals.  Design a nutrition plan and teach you how to develop better eating habits.  Give instruction on resistance training techniques, stretch positions, and dynamic tension.  Improve endurance and conditioning levels.  Ignite Motivation through Spartan measured results that you can see and feel.  Improve your appearance and be the person you know you truly are meant to be.  Feel better, improve your mental alertness and reach optimal health.  Tone your muscles and lose fat and tracking your goals with the Spartan 7 point body tracker.

 The Spartan Training® Studio/Fitness Center   The Summit: S/E Corner of Alma School and Chandler Heights Rd.   985 W. Chandler Heights Rd. #12  Chandler AZ 85248   Call: 480 802-2222 Email: SpartanTraining@outlook com   (The is 'space' represents '' to prevent spam)  Hours of Operation:  Monday thru Thursday:  5:00 am to 12:00 pm  Mid-Day Open: 3 pm to 7 pm  Friday:5 am to 12 pm  Saturday: 6:00 am to 12:00 pm Webutation

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